Pep & Noni

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With Pep & noni

A kid’s app full of fun, interactive stories and lovely illustrations. 

No subscription needed!

The Pep & Noni App is for FREE for a limited time. The second story will cost 99ct.

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learning is fun

Lovingly designed illustrations and exciting age-appropriate games in a children’s story book playfully deal with the topic of “colours”.

Important topics for kids

Children learn about friendship, courage and compromises. By using this app, they get better in critical thinking, communication and connection.



Pep & Noni is developed in a kid-friendly way with a lock function for secure mobile phone use, 100% ad-free & no data selling.

So much to learn

The Pep & Noni app offers added value for every family with young children through the ideal combination of early support and relief in everyday family life.

Easy to use

A simple operation ensures a positive first contact with the media. Interactive games, exciting story, loving illustrations.

Colouring illustrations for free

Download Pep & Noni and get colouring images for free. Colour out Pep, Noni and his friends and give them a little bit of colour. They love that!

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A kid’s app full of fun, interactive stories and lovely illustrations.